Jess is a 9 month old boxer staffy cross, with a bad habit of jumping up at people. Not in an aggressive way,it's just boxers are known for being jumpy and staffys are known for being playful. I found that the trigger for her jumping was the classic ooogy-booboo "hello,who's a good girl" voice,this ment that everytime anyone tried to say hello she would jump up.

  This was easy to solve,we simply gave her another word that ment sit. We did this by saying "hello,who's a good girl" etc, when she sat down we gave her a stroke, when she jumped we stopped. Then,when she sat again we stroked her saying "hello,who's a good girl" etc. She soon got the idea that to sit, got her more strokes than jumping. Now she does not jump at strangers and is a dream at the school gates.

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