Dog Walking in Brighton

The Packman is expanding and I now have a full time specialist walker of aggressive dogs.

He will also walk the non aggressive variety but don't worry we will not mix the two without the owners permission.

Not just walk it though,we will help it learn those necessary social skills needed to .

With almost all dogs it is possible.

We are experts at what we do,we are not like other dog walkers.

We give your dog an orderly and structured walk.

We will walk your dog around your streets,around your local parks.
So then it starts to associate your neighbourhood with good behaviour.

Whatever the reason for needing us,we can walk your dog for you.

So if,

You need us because you have to work.


Your dog has been banned from another dog walker because it lacks some necessary social skills.


Is just a bit grumpy.

Then give me a call.

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